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BIG SALE !! CastingArt Soft Air Drying Dough - Baby and Pet Handprint / Footprint Imprint Clay

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Our baby air dough / clay is a super soft air drying dough / clay designed for taking baby or pet imprints.   Just a very gentle press of a hand or foot will make a perfect detailed print. Also perfect for pets! Read full description
ONE pack of NATURAL WHITE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g
ONE pack of BLUE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g
Now £1.88 Was £2.69
ONE pack of Soft PINK Baby Imprint Clay - 100g
Now £1.88 Was £2.69
TEN packs of NATURAL WHITE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
TEN packs of BLUE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
Now £9.99 Was £24.25
TEN packs of SOFT PINK Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
Now £9.99 Was £24.25
Bulk Offer - FIFTY packs of NATURAL WHITE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
Bulk Offer - FIFTY packs of BLUE Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
Now £49.99 Was £112.85
Bulk Offer - FIFTY packs of soft PINK Baby Imprint Clay - 100g each
Now £49.99 Was £112.85


    • Available in 3 colours
    • See our Youtube demonstration video for more details on how to make a great imprint!  Full colour instruction leaflet also enclosed with each order.

    • So simple - roll, press hand or foot into the clay very gently and cut either a circle, oval or rectangle around the print using a kitchen knife (or large pastry cutter), then leave to dry in the air at room temperature for 48 hours.  Use a flat kitchen spatula to turn your print over carefully and then air dry on the other side for a further 48 hrs. 
    • Finest details of fingerprints and creases are recorded for ever in these imprints. 
    • Very gentle pressure only required to make the perfect print. This advert is for the dough only.  We sell gift kits with the ribbon, cutters etc included on another advert in our Craftmill shop.  You can choose how to display your prints - why not frame them (see our shadow boxes); hang it with ribbon or keep in a special wooden keepsake box (we have lots to choose from!)
    • Also very suitable for making pet paw prints!

Safety First :- Please note this clay is not a toy and the imprinting should be carried out by adults. Do not leave a young child or baby unattended with any type of clay and ensure you remove all traces of clay from your childs hands/feet after printing as a lump of clay could pose a choking hazard.

  • Hints and tips : - for best results, so you don't stretch or squash the fresh imprint, we recommend you roll the clay onto a plastic tray or a dinner plate or hard table mat, press the hand/foot into it, cut the clay to shape and leave it to dry where it is (on the tray/plate).  You can easily move the imprint after 48 hrs, but shouldn't try moving it while its still soft/fresh or it will change shape !  Cut the clay quickly to avoid the clay sticking to your knife/cutter.


To give you a guide, a 100g block measures approximately 13cm x 13cm x 3cm thick.


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