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Alginate - SLOWER SETTING Chromatic Impression Moulding Material, 1 x 450g single bag

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A fantastic moulding product which is great for a wide range of general sculpting projects Read full description


This Chromatic Dental Alginate is available in 450g bags -

  • It is sealed new and fresh.
  • This Alginate is designed to be SLOW SETTING, i.e. 2 to 3 minutes of mixing time at 23 deg C, so around 5-6 minutes from start of mixing to setting.
  • Benefits projects like bodycasting and Adult/Family casts. For baby casts please choose our standard setting alginate so you get a faster setting time. CLICK HERE
  • Supplied with a very valuable general help sheet and mixing instructions.
  • This is for an art project or workshop. This material is ideal for making mouldings of body parts or for fine art sculptures.
  • Super safe product as designed originally for use in the mouth (dental mouldings).
  • Peels off easily - no gloves required.
  • Changes colour as you work with it telling you which stage of the process you are at.


Product hints and advice

  • Remember the Alginate is for making the mould only. After making the mould, you then need to make a casting from your mould. To do this you need casting plaster. See 1kg pack of Fine Casting Plaster which is ideal for the job. 1kg of plaster is more than enough to go with a 450g pack of Alginate.
  • After making the casting let it dry thoroughly and if desired, paint gold, copper or silver - see products available on site. Finally you can varnish your finished product if necessary.

Pack Sizes

For multipacks which will save you money on the cost per bag please see Alginate Bulk Bags

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