Pot of 150 Wooden Cocktail Sticks

Pot of 150 Wooden Cocktail Sticks

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Perfect for attaching your sweets, chocolate or any other item to a polystyrene ball or shape to make a sweet tree or centrepiece



  • standard sized cocktail sticks
  • made from wood - designed to have food placed on them or can even be used as a tooth pick!
  • to attach your sweets to a polystyrene ball or shape, you can easily use these (take care when little ones are eating the sweeties of course)
  • place one end of the stick into the sweet or chocolate or other decorative item and push the other end into the polystyrene. We always advise leaving a few millimetres between the sweet and the polystyrene item when it is in place. To give a firmer hold, you can dip either or both ends of your cocktail stick into our edible glue before pushing into the sweet and into the ball/shape
  • Just one of many sweet tree supplies now in our online store

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