Sweet Candy Tree Wooden Dowels - Poles - Trunk - Stick

Wooden Dowels Make the Best Sweet Tree Trunks !


These wooden poles come in 3 lengths and a range of thicknesses.  To use them to make a sweet tree, dab strong PVA glue on the end of your sweet tree dowel, push into the bottom of the ball / cone / heart (you may like to premake a hole in the base of your polystyrene item to help this). When the glue is set, position the dowel in your sweet tree pot / bucket. Pour in mixed casting plaster of paris and hold the dowel still for a minute or two until the plaster is set firm.

This will make a rock solid, weighted, stable base for your sweet tree.

Size Recommendation

Mini Sweet Tree (like the gold bucket tree above):   70mm or 80mm polystyrene ball  (or try a 15cm cone for something different);    With 2.8" bucket with 9mm thick dowel (20cm long). A 70mm needs 24-30 chocolates

Small Sweet Tree (like the red bucket tree) :90mm or 100mm polystyrene ball (or try a 20cm cone); With 3.3" bucket and 12mm or 15mm thick dowel (30cm long) This one needs 42 chocolates.

Medium Sweet Tree (like the cream bucket tree):120mm polystyrene ball (or try a 25cm cone); With 4" bucket and 15mm or 18mm thick dowel (30cm long).   This one needs 72 chocolates!

X-Large Sweet Trees

Use balls measuring 130mm plus and cones 27cm plus.  You can make them table or floor standing (use 60cm dowels for floor standing sweet trees).  Opt for 18mm or 21mm thick dowels with these sizes of polystyrene item and 5" or 6" buckets


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