Studio by Sculpey Polymer Clay Super Slicer

Studio by Sculpey Polymer Clay Super Slicer

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A great clay slicer knife with 4 interchangeable cutting blades



  • These long, thin blades cut smoothly through clay, while the interchangeable comfort handles protect hands and fingers.
  • ¬†Includes four different blades (rigid, flexible, wavy and rick-rack) and one set of snap-on handles.
  • Ideal for all types of polymer clays including Fimo and Sculpey





Useage Instructions :-

Caution: Blades are sharp!
Opening handles
Each Super Slicer package
comes with one set of
detachable handles. To place
these handles on a blade,
you will first need to
disassemble the handles. Do so by removing the green
saddle and pulling apart the two black pieces. You
should now have three pieces; a green saddle, a male
black piece and a female black piece.
Attaching handles
to blades
Holding sharp edge away
from your body, place
fingers over holes on either
side of blade. Press pegs
from male black piece through holes on the blade. For
correct placement, longer part of handle should be
angled slightly up diagonally from blade.
Hold handle in place and fit
female piece against other
side of blade. Holding the
two pieces together, place
saddle on top and snap into
place. Match up circular
cutout to be sure saddle is facing the right direction.
Repeat on other side with remaining handle.
Removing handles from blades
Press sharp side of blade onto a firm, protected
surface. Insert pointed object into the circular cutout
on top of handle. Gently press upward on saddle to
release. Pull both handle pieces away from blade.
Repeat with remaining handle.

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