Decopatch Paper C 646 - Red Roses on Silver Background - 3 sheets

Decopatch Paper C 646 - Red Roses on Silver Background - 3 sheets

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Fashionable Red Roses on a Contrasting Silver Background


3 Sheets of Decopatch Paper Number C646 - Red Roses on Silver Background

  • In this neat pack, you receive 3 top quality sheets of paper for decoupage.  Each sheet measures 30x40cm (11.7x15.6 inches)
  • very thin - approximately 20 microns. Strong and flexible. Deep dyed and glazed - will not fade, run or break apart when used with decopatch or decoupage glue
  • It can be used on virtually any decorative surface, from wood to porcelain.  Renovate a piece of wooden furniture or mirror; cover our 3D letters; have fun with children decorating our papier mache animals or cover one of our beautiful trinket or keepsake boxes.


  • Anyone can have a go. You can use the paper as it is and simply cut out the shape/size you need to cover each side of your item or go for the traditional patchwork decopatch effect by ripping or cutting the sheets into small pieces (1-2"); brush a layer of decopatch / decoupage medium onto the surface of the item you are decorating; lay the pieces of paper onto the glued item (don't leave any gaps) and then brush another layer of decoupage medium on top to seal it.  It will then be very durable.
  •  Use just one pattern, or mix a few paper designs to create a more interesting patchwork effect

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