RED SQUARE Painted 30x30cm DEEP Wooden Christmas Eve Box - SLIGHT SECONDS

RED SQUARE Painted 30x30cm DEEP Wooden Christmas Eve Box - SLIGHT SECONDS

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Our extra deep heavyweight WBM3015 painted BRIGHT Red.

Great Christmas Eve Box - GRAB A BARGAIN!



CHRISTMAS SPECIAL - 30x30cm Plain Rectangular Wooden Box with bright rustic red painted outside - slight seconds

This is our deluxe heavyweight painted red box.  There may be a little overpainting of the rim of the box inside (can be sanded) or a small defect in the paint finish so they are not 100% perfect.  But beautiful all the same and anyone handy will not be challenged by this as clever use of motifs etc can easily cover a paint flaw.  Grab a bargain!

  • Painted externally with a coat of bright pillar box red paint to save you time when making Christmas Eve Boxes
  • These square wood boxes have a large clasp and sturdy hinges - PLEASE NOTE THE CLASP STYLE MAY VARY but all are attractive
  • These plain wooden craft boxes are made from lovely heavy plywood giving a weighty feel

External Dimensions (cm)                     Internal Dimensions (cm) of lower half when open

X-Large 30(w) x 30(d) x 15(h)                   27.5(w) x 27.5(d) x 12(h)

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