Rectangular Plain Wooden Boxes - many sizes to choose from!

Rectangular Plain Wooden Boxes - many sizes to choose from!

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Massive range of sizes to suit so many end uses!
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12cm Rectangular Wooden Box - WBM0031 (SINGLE)


18cm Rectangular Wooden Box - WBM0030 (SINGLE)


22cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes - WBM3008 (SINGLE)


24cm Rectangular Wooden Box - WBM0029 (SINGLE)


27cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes - WBM3050 (SINGLE)


30cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes - WBM0028 (SINGLE)


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36cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes - WBM0027 (SINGLE)


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BIG RANGE OF SIZES of our Plain Rectangular Wooden Boxes

  • These plain wooden craft boxes are made from lovely light coloured wood.
  • They have hinges and a dark bronze coloured clasp fastener.
  • Ready to use as they are for a great storage solution.
  • Or ideal for decorating with varnish, paint, decoupage, pyrography and much more !


                                   External Dimensions (cm)          Internal Dimensions of Lower part of the box (cm)

12cm (WBM0031) - 12(w) x 5.8(d) x 4.5(h)                     10.3(w) x 4.5(d) x 2.6(h)

18cm (WBM0030) - 18(w) x 10(d) x 6.5(h)                      16.3(w) x 8.5(d) x 4.3(h)

22cm (WBM3008) - 22(w) x 10(d) x 7(h)                         20.5(w) x 7(d) x 4.8(h)

24cm (WBM0029) - 24(w) x 14(d) x 8.5(h)                      22.5(w) x 12.5(d) x 6(h)

27cm (WBM3050) - 27(w) x 15(d) x 8(h)                         25.5(w) x 13.5(d) x 5(h)

30cm (WBM0028) - 30(w) x 18(d) x 10.5(h)                    28.5(w) x 16.5(d) x 9(h)

36cm (WBM0027) - 36(w) x 22(d) x 12.5(h)                    34(w) x 20.5(d) x 9.8(h)


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