Plain Wooden Sliding Lid Box - photographers USB or photo, Wedding photograph box

Plain Wooden Sliding Lid Box - photographers USB or photo, Wedding photograph box

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Versatile sliding lid plain wooden boxes
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Size 1 - 14cm Plain Wooden Box with Sliding Lid - WBM0120


Size 2 - 19.5cm Plain Wooden Box with Sliding Lid - WBM0184




  • Plain wooden sliding lid boxes are beautifully made
  • Pull back the sliding lid on this wooden box to reveal your photo, USB, product or keepsake. Ideal for handmade soap, or perhaps jewellery or chocolates etc
  • Sturdy construction in light coloured wood
  • The box is ready to decorate in any way you wish - with paints, mosaic, decoupage, pyrography or engraving
    Remember we can also engrave for you - simply email for more details along with your logo


External dimensions (cm)                    Internal dimensions (cm) - measured from below the sliding lid

SIZE 1 : -14 w x 10 d x 4 h                      12.5 w x 8.5 d x 2.5 h (4.9 inches x 3.35 inches)

 SIZE 2 :- 19.5 w x 14.5 d x 4.5 h            18 w x  13 d x 3.3 h   (7 inches x 5.11 inches)

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