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POLYTEN FAST SET Professional PVA Adhesive Glue

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This very tacky adhesive is ideal for hard & soft wood and lots more products! Bonds in ten minutes. Sandable & Paintable. Read full description
POLYTEN FAST SET Professional PVA Adhesive Glue 250ml


  • This glue is very high quality PVA adhesive which has a wide range of professional and art and craft uses.
  • It is a thick glue which is fantastic on those harder to stick items. It is also quick drying so if you are on batch production, you can carry on working instead of waiting for things to dry.
  • POLYTEN fast grab wood glue: bonds in ten minutes for fast assembly wood work. It is easy to apply straight from the nozzle. Forms a water resistant, strong bond.

IDEAL FOR : wood and joinery • assembly of doors • window frames • garden furniture



Polyten/ Extrarez is a single part, fast setting, cross-linking PVA adhesive.


Polyten/ Extrarez is a wood adhesive designed for high-speed assembly work, doweling, finger jointing, door assembly, veneering with wood or high-pressure laminates. It can be used for joining all kinds of other materials like leather cloth and most other porous materials. Polyten will dry much more slowly when joining non porous materials as the setting of the adhesive is effected by evaporation or absorbtion of the water in it.


Water resistant to D3 standard (BS EN 204)

Develops high bond strength.

Dries to transparent film.

Non flammable.

Suitable for Hot and Cold press.

Extended Storage Life.

Suitable for RF equipment.

Suitable for bonding wood, chipboard, block board, veneers decorative laminates and other similar materials.


The surfaces to be bonded must be close fitting and free from dirt, grease or any other contamination that may interfere with the adhesion.

Moisture content of timber should be 5 to 15 %


Normal adhesive coverage is estimated to be 5 to 7 square meters per kilo. The correct spread is indicated by a slight squeeze out on the glue line edge.

The lowest spreads will give the fastest setting time.


Although relatively harmless, when working with strong adhesives, excessive/prolonged contact with the skin should be avoided. Thin rubber gloves are advised and a barrier cream is recommended. Wash hands with warm soapy water, preferably before the adhesive dries.

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