Fimo Soft Polymer Clay X-LARGE BLOCK 454g - Black

Fimo Soft Polymer Clay X-LARGE BLOCK 454g - Black

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A great economical way to buy a large amount of FIMO Soft clay in selected colours.


X-Large Block of Fimo Clay 454g

Black - No.9

  • Each block weighs 454g (1lb) and measures 17.5cm x 5.5cm 3.5cm
  • Fimo Polymer clay is similar to Sculpey lll and very easy to work.
  • Bake in the kitchen oven, on baking/greaseproof paper on a baking tray, at 110C (don't overheat as this gives off toxic fumes !
  • Once baked and cooled, Fimo Soft and Fimo Effect is hard, permanent and can be cut, sawn, glued, varnished, painted or added to.

You can mix with any colour from the standard 57g Fimo Soft and Fimo Effects ranges.

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