FIMO Half Block Starter Pack - 12 x half blocks - LEATHER

FIMO Half Block Starter Pack - 12 x half blocks - LEATHER

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Great value pack of Leather effect Fimo clay - 12 half blocks


FIMO Leather Effect - 12 half blocks of leather effect Fimo clay

-Fimo leather-effect pack of 12 rich colours in half block sizes.

-After hardening, the fimo looks and feels like real leather.

-Thin pieces are bendable, braidable and slewable by hand.

-Fimo blocks are divided into portions for easy blending.

-Ideal for making jeweler, accessories and home decorations

-Fimo leather effect is hardened for 30 minutes at 130°C.

-This pack contains the following Fimo leather effect colours - note Fimo colour reference in brackets: Ivory (029), Saffron Yellow (109), Berry (229), Rust (749), Lagoon (369), Watermelon (249), Ochre (179), Black (909), Dove Grey (809), Nut (779), Indigo (309) and Olive (519). This Fimo leather effect pack weighs 300g in total

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