FIMO Half Block Starter Pack - 12 x half blocks - EFFECT

FIMO Half Block Starter Pack - 12 x half blocks - EFFECT

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Great value pack of special effects pearls and glitters - 12 half blocks


FIMO Effects - 12 half blocks of special effects Fimo clay

-Fimo Effect Colour Pack -contains 12 x 25g blocks of polymer clay. -FIMO Effect is an easy to use formula of polymer clay which can be moulded, sculpted, shaped, cut, rolled, textured and blended to create an almost unlimited array of polymer clay jewellery designs. -The huge range of unique colours and effects available is perfect for creating bright colour blends and millefiori pattern techniques. Once your FIMO jewellery design is perfected, simply bake in a conventional oven at 110°C for 30 minutes to set the polymer clay. -This pack contains the following Fimo Effect colours :-Nightglow (04), Glitter White (052), Glitter Gold (112), Glitter Blue (302), Glitter Sliver (812), Granite (803), Gemstone Stardust (903), Translucent (014), Translucent Yellow (104), Translucent Red (204), Translucent Green (504) and Translucent Purple (604)

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The Craftmill Forest Project

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