Fimo Varnishes & Accessories

A wide range of Fimo polymer clay varnishes, tools, polymer clay softeners and adhesives. Suitable for all types of oven bake polymer clays.

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  1. Staedtler Fimo Gloss Varnish for Polymer Clays - out of stock - see our other polymer clay varnishes

    Out of stock

    Staedtler Fimo gloss varnish is a superior gloss varnish for use on all types of polymer clay. Find out more
  2. Gloss Polyurethane Varnish for Art, Craft, Clay, Sculpey and Fimo

    From: £2.64

    Engineered for creating a perfect glossy finish on polymer clay, airdry clay, wood products & any other kind of craft. Find out more
  3. Translucent Sculpey Liquid Polymer Clay Bakeable Transfer Medium

    From: £5.99

    TLS or Translucent Liquid Sculpey has a massive range of unique uses such as creating enamel effects, laminating projects, glazing, sticking, marbling and more! Find out more
  4. Sculpey, Fimo and Multi-Use Acrylic SATIN Varnish

    Out of stock

    A top of the range satin polymer clay varnish Find out more
  5. Sculpey, Fimo and Multi-Use Acrylic GLOSS Varnish Glaze

    A top of the range gloss polymer clay varnish. Find out more
  6. Mix Quick Polymer Clay Softening Medium For Fimo, Sculpey, Polymer Clay

    A useful softening medium for harder pieces of polymer clay. Find out more
  7. FIMO Decorating / Deko Gel - Liquid Polymer Clay Bakable Transfer Medium

    Fimo Liquid Deko Gel Clay clay bakes to a matte translucent finish. Durable and also flexible when cured/baked. Find out more
  8. Staedtler Fimo, Sculpey, Clay & Plasticine ACRYLIC ROLLING PIN

    A super non-stick acrylic rolling pin - ideal for clay, pastry and sticky pastes! Find out more
  9. Clay Softener for Sculpey, Fimo Polymer Clay

    This liquid clay softener is made by Sculpey but idea for use with all types of polymer clay. Find out more
  10. Bake and Bond Bakeable Adhesive for Polymer Clay, Paper, Wood, Canvas

    Forms a super strong bond, particularly with polymer clay when baked in the kitchen oven. Find out more

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Bank Holiday Trading Hours

2020-05-06 19:26:17


We are closed on Bank Holiday Friday and there will be no deliveries or despatches that day.  

Next working day after Thursday,  is Monday when our small team will be delighted to despatch your orders on time!

We are enjoying bringing arts and crafts to your home to keep you busy during lockdown. Our staff are working shifts to ensure they have the maximum space (a warehouse each!!) and so all our orders leave on time to ensure you are not kept waiting.

Keep safe and enjoy your crafting

From the team at Craftmill

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