Decoupage Glues & Varnishes

All our decoupage /decopatch glues and mediums can be used both for the initial base coat that you brush onto your item and also for the top coat.


Take your item that you wish to decoupage; brush some of the medium (varnish or glue) onto the item; take your ripped/cut decoupage / decopatch paper and lay it onto the item, not leaving any gaps; brush another coat of decoupage / decopatch medium on top to seal the paper into place and protect it.


If you are just starting out with decoupage, or working with children, keep the cost down by using white PVA school glue for your first projects.

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Valentine Gifting

2019-02-07 10:36:19

Valentines Day is the perfect opportunity to get crafting !  We have many heart shaped wooden and polystyrene items that provide the perfect canvas to create a gorgeous gift for a loved one.

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