Decopatch & Decoupage Paper & Glues

Top quality, beautiful designs in these multi-packs of decoupage paper.  All our decoupage and decopatch papers and napkins are perfect to use on any product in our store or even wooden furniture if you fancy a renovation project. 

DECOUPAGE PAPER OFFER - 4 for the price of 3 (Buy any 3 packs and get 1 free) on all decoupage papers - includes all brands - Decopatch, Decomache, First Edition etc

Simply rip or cut the papers into small pieces and you can get to work.  If using decoupage napkins, you take the top layer of the napkin and rip it into small pieces (about 1-2" size) and then get to work making your patchwork effect on your chosen product. Or cut out the parts of the design you want to use.

Check these video clips for more guidance - the first is a good beginners guide on decorating 3D letter. The second is a more advanced project using napkins and acrylic paints on a wooden box. The 3rd is again a beginners level project using a wooden box.  All  can be achieved using the products in our store :-

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Bank Holiday Trading Hours

2020-05-06 19:26:17


We are closed on Bank Holiday Friday and there will be no deliveries or despatches that day.  

Next working day after Thursday,  is Monday when our small team will be delighted to despatch your orders on time!

We are enjoying bringing arts and crafts to your home to keep you busy during lockdown. Our staff are working shifts to ensure they have the maximum space (a warehouse each!!) and so all our orders leave on time to ensure you are not kept waiting.

Keep safe and enjoy your crafting

From the team at Craftmill

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