Rectangular Plain Wooden Boxes - many sizes to choose from!

Massive range of sizes to suit so many end uses!

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BIG RANGE OF SIZES in our Plain Rectangular Wooden Box

  • These rectangular wood boxes have hinges and a dark bronze coloured clasp fastener
  • They all have the same clasp fastener in an attractive bronze shade
  • These plain wooden craft boxes are made from lovely light coloured wood
  • these plain wooden boxes are ideal for decorating with mosaic, decoupage, paint or pyrography


External Dimensions (cm)     Internal Dimensions (cm)

11.7(w) x 5.8(d) x 4.5(h)        10.3(w) x 4.5(d) x 2.6(h)

18(w) x 10(d) x 6.5(h)            16.3(w) x 8.5(d) x 4.3(h)

22(w) x 10(d) x 8(h)               20.5(w) x 7(d) x 6(h)

24(w) x 14(d) x 8.5(h)            22.5(w) x 12.5(d) x 6(h)

27(w) x 15(d) x 8(h)               25.5(w) x 13.5(d) x 5(h)

30(w) x 18(d) x 10.5(h)          28.5(w) x 16.5(d) x 9(h)

36(w) x 22(d) x 12.5(h)          34(w) x 20.5(d) x 9.8(h)


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12cm Rectangular Wooden Box WBM0031 (SINGLE)
FLASH SALE ! 18cm Rectangular Wooden Box WBM0030 (SINGLE)



24cm Rectangular Wooden Box WBM0029 (SINGLE)
22cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM3008 (SINGLE)
22cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM3008 (PACK OF SIX)
27cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM3050 - deluxe large clasp (SINGLE)
27cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM3050 - deluxe large clasp (PACK OF FOUR)
30cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM0028 (SINGLE)
36cm Rectangular Wooden Boxes WBM0027 (SINGLE)
ONE SET of 3 Plain Rectangular Stacking Wooden Boxes WBM0029-31