24 Door Tree Shaped Advent Calendar

This is a great storage box or makes a wonderful wooden advent calendar with drawers. Featured in 2013 Winter Crafts Beautiful Magazine



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A unique wooden advent calendar that you can decorate with paint, decoupage, fabric and much more to make a treasured keepsake to delight your little ones.

This lovely item is sturdy and has individual wooden doors that can be pulled open to reveal a different treat each day during Advent.

THE DOORS ARE SUPPLIED WITH A HOLE IN so you can make your own knobs using split pins/brads, or to truly customise it you can use knotted ribbon or any other type of handle you would like to make for each door.

Create every child's dream Advent calendar - look at our example of how you could decorate it using your own paints or buy our acrylic hobby paints in a vast range of colours to complete the job (available in our ebay shop)

Dimensions are 44.5 cm x 35 cm x 7 cm depth

Dimensions of each individual door is 5.3cm wide x 7.5cm deep x 5cm high

Please note you are only supplied the plain wood version in the main photograph at the top of the page (not the decorated version !).