20 Piece Plastic Children's Modelling Clay Tools - Also Ideal For Play Doh / Soft Dough

Very popular 21 piece children's extruder, roller and fun cutter pack which is ideal for soft dough or play doh.

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  • A kit of 21 childrens modelling tools including a clay roller, 16 fun cutters e.g. animals and other familiar objects and 4 extruders
  • These cutters and roller are ideal for Play Doh, Plasticine, Model Magic as well as Paper Clay etc., etc..
  • The extruders are great fun with Play Doh and other soft doughs which we sell on this website. n.b they will not extrude Plasticine, ColourClay or Newplast unless the clay is warmed and kneaded first to get it soft enough.